Sun Salutation Mantras

from First Chants Volume 2 by TED Music

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Cultivate sense of gratitutude and awaken the self for the day. Creates warmth in the body.


Om Mitraya Namaha (Salutation to the friend of everyone)
Om Ravaye Namaha (Salutation to the lustrous one)
Om Suryaya Namaha (Salutation to he who sets everything to activity)
Om Bhanave Namaha (Salutation to he who brightly illumines the earth)
Om Khagaya Namaha (Salutation to the one who travels swiftly in the sky)
Om Punshne Namaha (Salutation to the giver of nourishment to being)
Om Hiranya Garbhaya Namaha (Salutation to the golden womb or the primordial matter from which everything else emanated)
Om Marichaye Namaha (Salutation to the Lord of the Dawn)
Om Adityaya Namaha (Salutation to the son of Aditi, the cosmic Mother)
Om Savitre Namaha (Salutation to the Lord of Creation)
Om Arkaya Namaha (Salutation to the one who is the best one to be adored and worshipped)
Om Bhaskaraya Namaha (Salutation to he who illumines the external and the internal world)


from First Chants Volume 2, released April 11, 2020


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