When Your Heart Beats Free

Very constricted and no convictions
Are resounding when honest words are not spoken
You are broken and restricted from expressing from your heart

It takes away everything that you have built and closeness is far
You’re favorite person is not able to break through — denied entry into you

Words that are hindered by doubts and misuse
Fail to garner meaning and are abused
Lacking the clarity or understanding to speak up
To speak out to speak from your heart

Taking its toll on you on those for whom you share them with
A moat has been dug around the lexicon of your feelings

And you no longer have access to your individual pursuits
Of life, liberty, and happiness, oh let freedom reign

Oh let the clouds rain, oh let me drain the water that separates me
From speaking my thoughts, freeing my heart, hearing my love

Emit out from my lips, escape from my mind
Beat down doorways to my soul
Let my breath be easy and my pulse be gentle

As my heart does its job
Beating so free…

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