Touch doesn’t stop the play
or win the game
Nor does it ever quell loves desires

Touch DOES start the pulse
and vibrates with a resonance so sweet
So pure

It takes a lifetime of touches
and still nothing could expire
Of still another touch
For each touch is new

Touch so soft yet firm
Of quivered muscle
And love shaken with divine pleasure
A laughter deep that rolls through the body

Of touch, you are so intimate
A thousand words expressed
By each finger tip – a novel
of the hand – an encyclopedia with each caress

Oh touch you tempt
And tease
You open space and time
You transcend thought
And bring your tacit tenderness deep in the joy of hearts

Since touch, there is no substitue
To be affirmed in tactile bounty of hearts
Smoothly understood that no distance
Can pervade or dissuade
Two hearts – when touch signals love

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