The Baby She Didn’t Want

Given up – unplanned baby
The years have not changed me
Give me love – it’s all that I’ve wanted
From the first breath that I took

A slap on the butt – a new born baby
Your curtain call for life has begun
A push and a shove – hey that’s your cue
The drama of your life has begun

Don’t ask for favors you’ll never get one
You’ll always give more than you receive
Your every little action that you can imagine
Is fashioned in your passion for love

Break ups – Those I’m familiar with
Jumping ship is not new to me
Enough’s enough – I’m fighting a fire
A rescue operation in effect

A blind man’s bluff – a last ditch effort
The saving grace is only my soul
Playing tough – nothing left
My options are to stand or fall

There is no sympathy – no, not for me
No pity no reciprocity
Your only learned behavior, your one and only favor
You can savor as long as you breath

Accepting the path that was laid at your feet
Putting one left foot in front of what is right
Right for your healing and right for your feeling
Of being whole and complete and chosen

The baby someone could love…

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