I Understand

I understand this pulse

How it turns in and turns out

How the sun rises and then falls

I understand this pulse


I understand this pulse

How it buds, blossoms, and dies

How the night bird cries

I understand this pulse


I understand this pulse

How the leaves in autumn fall

How they return again in spring

I understand this pulse


I understand this pulse

How the walls lift and rise

How they reach up to the skies 

I understand this pulse


I understand this pulse

How gates are built to enter

How the soul gets close to center

I understand this pulse


I understand how the tide rises

Caused by the moon and gravitational pull

I understand why the sandy shore is exposed

When the ocean draws back, tomorrow returning


I understand how the seasons change

About the heat of summer and the cool of winter

Of the death of fall and the calling rebirth of spring

How the cycle begins again


I understand this pulse

How the taste of sweetness and the savory flavor of life

Is swallowed and nourished and caressed deep within

I understand this pulse

No Answer

(Read as a rap – find the rhythm)

All this philosophy is supposed to make sense
To make things clear and get me off the fence

I try to analyze my feelings with logic
But they don’t add up so I just Blog it

Writing out my thoughts my emotions on my sleeve
Its your face in my dreams that I have when I sleep

An effort to deny the most amazing touch
It wouldn’t be a lie to say that I want you so much (watch the tricky rhythm)

I look for a signal to turn from red to green
To understand this riddle where the answers seem unseen

These kind of lessons are never found in books
It’s only in experience that you may get a look

(2nd part)

But still I have no answers
I have no bloody answers
Maybe I’m a dancer
A Hindu fire dancer

A little taste of shakti
A little taste of shiva
Maybe I’m the reason
You would never leave him

I pull you off the center
Making you a sinner
Getting back in balance
That can be your challenge

Will you accept the mission
To put this in remission
Or will you blow your cover
And take a new lover

And yes I feel a pulsing
A tug upon my heart string
My heart beat keeps racing
My blood pulse keeps pounding
My temperature keeps rising
My words I keep writing
There is no denying
What for I’m feeling for you

I’ll Be Here

Hey no worries, ok yes there is a bit to worry over, but I can promise this you come first – that’s how it usually works
But even with me being a jerk and acting heavy low and disgusted my word can be trusted
I’ve run away before and closed myself behind many doors
I’m finally breaking free, trust me, when I say that today and through time I’ll be with you in heart, body and mind

Friends first, even through thirst, even when its quenched  and I’m benched and not in the game
There is no shame there is no blame I can tell this without mary jane
I get high with a look from your eye and even if there is a tear in my eye
I know for sure that you and I will always be orbiting

For the universe has something in mind a lesson to learn or a fire to burn
An act of faith or a faithful act with you on your back and me on track
There will be no attack no white and black no sad sack no bottle of jack
No crack to caulk in this heart of mine for I will tell you, yes I’ll tell you
Yeah I’m going to tell you, you’ll have me around for long long time

It may be tough and even rough and we both may long for a touch
Cause your touch is something fine and I love you from behind
And a mile away I have my say but for you today you’ll get your way
And make it work or make it change, or ease back in to your last name

There’ll be no blame no crying shame a little regret if I’m allowed to complain
Either way I am champion knowing that you’re in my ring
So songs I’ll sing and words I’ll write and even one day I’ll see the light
Whether its you that has the shine or another lover that I won’t be blind

To all the love and things we share – no fear – I’ll still be here.  I’ll still be here.


Everyday – tears, laughter, duty, dirty dishes

Everyday – sleeplessness, responsibility, and others first

Everyday – Joy, delight, tantrums, need
And at the end a tingle, a desire, and a soul

Everyday it would seem to hold
The same challenges – fights and frights
Delights, kites that fly

An audition for me to see if
Even I can manage
And bask in the patient of young minds and lives

It is a practice and one I see
Myself ready for with whomever there is in store for me

To make each day the new lesson, for me, for you
To make each night the new passion, for me, for you
To laugh so much that bellies hurt
To cry so much tears dry up
To live with conviction and intensity
So that even the small moments are something in which we live for
To touch and feel

I Know

I know it don’t end at the blink of an eye
or a beat of the heart

I know it doesn’t change with the passing night
or the dimness of stars

I know the depths of both feelings
of love and of pain

I know these things in the rain

I know the absence of thought
and of mind

I know the challenge of trust
and desire

I know the fire – I know

I know the taste of
tears and shame

I know the guilt
and the inward blame

I know confusion
of broken trust and of lust

I’ve cussed and cursed and blessed all these things

I know