Lost Song

There are many things that each of us face
Seldom do we see a road that is paved
All I know is that they lead to the same place
On your way down your road don’t be afraid

Are you looking in the right place?
When you are seeking the truth
Do you look at your face?
And know what to do

When you’re feeling less than
What you are worth
Do you criticize
And speak discouraging words

How well you sleep at night
And the way you live your day
Are subtle indicators
To your emotional state

Remember you are worthy
Of all you desire
And that will be the fuel
That will feed and fight your fire

There’s nothing to be ashamed that you have needs
Accept no blame for anything you feel
Your life is like a garden and yes it has weeds
And what you have to harvest becomes your meal

Ever Since that Day

And it hurts now
Knowing you’re near
Even though it’s what I’ve wanted
For all of these years

And I see you rise
Every day
I turn over and cover myself
And wish you would go away

Hurt me now hurt me now
Or leave me alone
Leave me stranded
I’ll find my way home

Given love now
I’ll make it to you
Throw out the life preserver
I need some help

Cause ever since that day
That you packed up everything
And went away
And I sailed out on my own
And I feel something’s missing
In me I’m not whole
I have no home

Love comes and love goes
We’ve tried so hard
But together we’ve grown old

A destiny – when I wake up next to you
Even though my heart bleeds
There’s no one else but you

Cause ever since that day
That I sailed myself
Right back to you
There never was a way
No time or place that’d ever give me away

The Baby She Didn’t Want

Given up – unplanned baby
The years have not changed me
Give me love – it’s all that I’ve wanted
From the first breath that I took

A slap on the butt – a new born baby
Your curtain call for life has begun
A push and a shove – hey that’s your cue
The drama of your life has begun

Don’t ask for favors you’ll never get one
You’ll always give more than you receive
Your every little action that you can imagine
Is fashioned in your passion for love

Break ups – Those I’m familiar with
Jumping ship is not new to me
Enough’s enough – I’m fighting a fire
A rescue operation in effect

A blind man’s bluff – a last ditch effort
The saving grace is only my soul
Playing tough – nothing left
My options are to stand or fall

There is no sympathy – no, not for me
No pity no reciprocity
Your only learned behavior, your one and only favor
You can savor as long as you breath

Accepting the path that was laid at your feet
Putting one left foot in front of what is right
Right for your healing and right for your feeling
Of being whole and complete and chosen

The baby someone could love…

Voice to your Soul

Praying for a sunrise to show my eyes the light
Where there has been darkness for quite sometime
All along the way I’ve stumbled in my rayless life
Full of empty failed feelings what a citizen of strife

Looking for distinction between my actions and my thoughts
Confidence extinction bringing panic into my day
Am I my feelings do they characterize me
Defined by domination of little tiny voice

Oh why are you louder than my heartbeat all the time?
Why are you less inclined to build up what is low?
Why do you dismantle everything thing I’ve built?
Why are you the counsel that I rely upon?

I’m less inclined to listen when I’m christened with a name
That gives me a title that signifies my soul
Like a manic mantra that I repeat until I feel that that little effin voice is tamed!

Now I listen closer, like a best friend, I awaken to the terms
That only I can set down that I can agree only too
For I can define my environment my placement in my world
This other voice, this other choice is now louder in my soul

A Pension full of Love

Background is running how does it check?
Is he stable can we trust him?
A long shot is coming got to bet on something
Is he pumping out what we expect?

Put your money on the table I’ll show you that I’m able
By the time the dealing is done
You will have a winner a converted sinner
Absolutely there’s a faith to be found

An unborn lady – no light in her soul
Affected by the life of her past
No crime for waiting – your time is your life
Time to put your feelings back on

Your soul is finally waking – a light is on
A new birth for your body and soul
Like the earth when it’s shaking – old and the new
All that you want is finally yours

We meet at last – we meet at last
We meet at last – we meet at last
There’s a time when we finally get
Reception, protection, affection, attention
A pension full of love for our life

Drying Out Drawing In

Drying out in a lakeside town
Drying out and driving out
Demons, denizens makers of faults
Righteous indignation making statements in full voice

Listen, can you hear it, can you hear it, can you fear that voice?
Listen it’s getting louder, it’s getting lower, it’s getting lousier in its advice
Never ending facts about your life
Never ending lessons on your life
Never ending doubts about you and your exciting promises

Face it, it’s a demon drawing you in, drawing you further in disgust
Less trust, more anger, more doubt, more suicide desires
And fires heating metal that you press against your flesh
A siren calling, how seductive, how desirous, how delirious is your song
Oh the beauty of destruction of depression
Grant me license

To do nothing, to want nothing, to say nothing, to feel nothing
No one thing can take any of this away
No one place can take any of this away
No one person can take any of this away

Drying out, drawing in, falling flat, falling fast, falling on your face
Hold on….

When Your Heart Beats Free

Very constricted and no convictions
Are resounding when honest words are not spoken
You are broken and restricted from expressing from your heart

It takes away everything that you have built and closeness is far
You’re favorite person is not able to break through — denied entry into you

Words that are hindered by doubts and misuse
Fail to garner meaning and are abused
Lacking the clarity or understanding to speak up
To speak out to speak from your heart

Taking its toll on you on those for whom you share them with
A moat has been dug around the lexicon of your feelings

And you no longer have access to your individual pursuits
Of life, liberty, and happiness, oh let freedom reign

Oh let the clouds rain, oh let me drain the water that separates me
From speaking my thoughts, freeing my heart, hearing my love

Emit out from my lips, escape from my mind
Beat down doorways to my soul
Let my breath be easy and my pulse be gentle

As my heart does its job
Beating so free…


Listening to you speak
Looking throughout my life engaged to your words
Looking inward a visit to my mind
Why are there cobwebs when I want to see clearly?

Why is there dust covering me
When I see things plainly, completely, clearly
There is clarity, understanding, mind injections of insight

Bright light, shadows chased
And still I listen to you speak
I am engaged, I look at you
My mind is not drifting, swerving away

I am not texting or twittering, or blogging, or denying
I am listening and breaking down walls
I am hearing and letting you in

I am sharing from the depths that are cavernous and dark
Looking sideways, downways, left and right ways, and to the corners
Where cobwebs have gathered

But now in my mind, as engaging as you are, the cobwebs are gone
I listen clearly and speak just as such
And no misunderstandings could arise due to ambiguity

Promiscuity of my thoughts, jumping from here to there but never staying present
And now I realize just how freeing this instant can be
Complete and utter honesty engaged in living this day