Formula for Destruction

It’s OK she says
Be and ass, act without class
Jump to conclusions
Think to fast

It’s OK she says
To argue and fight
To disagree, to beg and plea
Just let it be

It’s OK she says
To be in fear of losing love
To be ashamed for assigning blame
For playing those games

It’s OK she says
Because I love you and let you be
Below that surface of angst and anxiety
Is the man I love, the man I know
Who is not afraid to let his feelings show

To laugh out loud or to cry in pain
That’s the man I love time and again

It’s OK to she says
To be all that crazy, all that hazy
In thought and mind

I only ask as I let you be to offer me the same
To love without judgement and let me be
Be angry and in loveBe confused and in love
Be crazy and in love
Be stressed and in love
To just be and in love

As much as I try to destruct all of this
You calmly lay plans to me that I can clearly see
That will build us even stronger

So, it’s OK I say
I’ll let you be
And each time I falter I understand deeper
How deep your love is, how deep your understanding, how deep your ability to just let me be

Feel it All

Oh to release feelings
But why release what is natural born?
To know thyself is to know the spirit
The spirit in me, that is the spirit reflected by you

Beyond the breath and beyond desire, beyond the feelings beyond the inner child
The hands that sometimes hold you are the hands that remain even without touch
That remain even without the feel, even without, we feel it all

Beyond the senses and beyond the sensations lie the heart
The heart that beats to the vibration of the divine
In that vibration you exist.  Beyond the realms of this temporal life

Where two merge as one bright shining light, past earthly love we find spiritual love
Blended into this experience we take what we can and leave the rest behind
There is no separation or distance in feelings we share.  Feel it all, feel it all

As I breath you are there, as you breath I am there, as I breath you are there, as you breath  I am there.


Two – who knew
That these feelings would still feel new
And true are they between us two
Simmering with spice, taste, and touch

And now, no words need be expressed
Only looks, inward and outward, thoughts constant
You know, I know – we know

With each breath of life force
And hearts’ pulsing beat
Each song that is played
And pose expressed I confess

You are nestled in my soul
A comfort and joy, a passion even without kiss
Although it’s missed it’s deeper than touch
Or word passed across lips

Its rooted in hips – happy storage
In love of movement, of sound, of shape of body
Of smell of fresh showered skin
Or the sweat of burning embered fires
Deep within our hearts

And again we know
We know the kindred feelings
And we know the actions and the words
They are as common to our nature as the sing song sound of birds
We know

And I’ve heard you say it
And many times you’ve heard me
And never does it grow old to hear
To feel, to touch, to look

At the amazing soul and person you are
Never far from my thoughts are you
And the lessons you have taught me
They, you, it, all of you, resides in me
As me, as a part of me
Are you

Two, who knew

I Want to Continue to Know

I told you once, I told you twice
I’ll tell you again and never subside
Its worth saying again and again
The expression of the feelings I have for you

You never tire of the words I say
And listen closely to every word
Every thought and dream and love and scene
That’s played out in my mind – I love you all the time

Say it again and again
Its worth more than the breath that fills my lungs
To have it pass through your ears
And every year it gets deeper, these feelings are keepers , they don’t go away

I say it time and again and it never grows dim
For this love is a valuable gem more valuable than 10 times the distance from here to the sun
When added to that distance the monetary sum
Of all that my soul feels and how it feels whole

When a simple touch and breath on my skin
From your nearness, time and again
I’ll tell you once, I’ll tell you twice
And never subside by the beat of my heart

They Try

She puts up walls and stops making calls and tries
She reaches out and causes doubt and tries
She gives energy and time to it and tries

Her heart denies what wants to fly and tries
Her heart beats hard and makes it hard and tries
She longs for more but settles for less and tries
She learns to hate and pull away and tries

He waits for inroads and gives her time and tries
He longs to touch and be released and tries
He cries at night and knows no where to turn and tries
He opens up to the possibility of someone else, of equal or more soul connection and tries

He fails to find and worries about settling for less and tries
He gets sucked in and loses again and tries

They reached a point where there is no further path they’ve tried
They’ve stopped talking and no longer touch they tried
They make no eye contact and shoulders turn they tried


Turn on the tap filling up there’s no lack
No drive nor circumstance that can be held back
The depth and the yield
Of the meadow and the field
The fresh mown hay
Watered night and day

The pools of the love
Like nectar from above
The manna and the dew
The heart that beats true

Like bubbles in the wine
And lights dimmed way down low
A kiss from the divine
The melodies of the soul

Where bottoms are never reached
And lessons always reached
Learning methods of love
Overflowing from taps they flood

Expend and Depend

A swelling and ache that breaks open the shell
The rising spray of nested love
A quaking from top to toe
Expended energy awakened from the deep

A jerk and a tear
A taste of salt
A lick for the sunrise
Of all that will be, and that was, and that may never be

Swollen dependence in doubt of the touch
Of time and tenderness and hands held 
Of caresses that teach new surveys
To that one steady point where everything lasts

A pull a grind
A lasting curl
Of tangles and tempers and taste filled touches
Taking so long to expend the source

Of life and togetherness 
Of reaching into two
Two hands two eyes
Two arms entwined


Just say it write it sing it feel it live it learn it love it

Just open your mouth and let out the words

They may sound absurd or rude or loving there may be a frailty in presentation of character.

They must be un-bottled untapped released made free independent of people places or things

The words must be mined as golden nuggets a currency of your soul

Made whole and complete without impression on any other just your own expression of depression obsession possession or lessons learned and happiness returned

Don’t hold back hidden from view light the light from inside of you

Make it your mission not your omission

Make it your lesson to share your expression.


The sigh and the in breath
The settled body lying down
The arms splayed out palms reaching out
The hands that nearly touch

The matching of breath
The ending of sound
Synced and natural as two pulsing hearts
That beat in time and balance of pulse
As sure of foot standing as prone and awaiting

To scented flavors and curves to touch
To strong opinions and open minds
To shivers and energetic spark from the heavenly divine
To catching of breath when thought  enters mind