Friendship Kinship

I told you my liabilities right up front
I lean too heavy on people at times
I look for things to support my soul
I rely on others to fill a hole

The good things about me are easy to see
Well maybe for you but its hard for me
Who the hell cares how loving I am
That’s as obvious as the pants I’m in

Who takes the time to know and embrace the bad
Understand and be aware of the weak kneed man
And love even those dark aged spots
Of my character

Its easy loving the good it takes very little effort
But accepting the whole package that’s where love is
Remaining constant as I sink low
Telling me I’m not my thoughts I’m not my sin

Pushing back as I lean too much
But never loosing contact with my heart
Always loving everything residing in me
Giving us a chance to let things just be.

Almost Lost

Sing to me
Live for your life and…
Sing to me

And everyone would dance
Laugh and sing along
And be free

And everyone would dance
And sing along in harmony

I sailed into port on high tide
I saw you bathing on that beautiful beach

Never in my life
Has my heart left me
I’m glad I sailed back to you
Sailed back to you

Cause ever since that day
That you packed up everything and went away
And I say, I’m on my own

Cause ever since that day
I have been, I have been on my own

Getting it Right

It took such a long time
For me to get it right
Late evening hours
Early morning twilight
A new day awakens
The wind with its chill carried off of the sea
Ferrying clouds hung low
With openings to the sky
Penlights from stars as they pass by

The smell in the air, fresh, crisp, salt-laced
Caresses memories of time past
Of experience and lessons
Of places and dreams
Of future reminders
Of what may become
Of present awareness

Peeking through chambers
Glimpses of the moon
Covered by clouds
But never diminished
Painted hues mixed on the skies palate
Never being constant, always undergoing change
Viewing through the portal
The heavens infinitely extend
Nature and its beauty
A display of aesthetic and precise cohesion

Masterly designed
Breed life of many kinds
To populate and nourish
Utilizing what lives no more
Naturally recycled
Used over and again
Only the souls have departed
To another worldly place

Life is Waiting

The sun soon will be warm
If I ain’t mistaken
Life is waiting on me

I often find
I’ve gone off course
A missile misguided
I’ve ridden the worst
But before I collided
And on impact burst
I finally decided
To put love first

Wake me up
I think I’m dreaming
It’s so beautiful here
Don’t get up
Seeing is believing
I like to feel you near
Steer me my dear

Now, alone I
Was moving backward
Heading only where I’d been
It’s easy now
To see the factors
Repeat over again and again

And when I was heading for disaster
Your heart you did lend
And now forever after
You and I begin
Be with me Saturday, everyday
And days have nights too
Be with me through the night, every night
I’m one, with you too

Thoughts on: The Will to Play

And almost with inceptive (sic) foresight
That summarized our brief time together
Was “The Will to Play” written
One of the lines in it;
“Never is a season for a boy and a girl”
Was never more true
Than when the summer season was over
And you were back in school.  You went.
And yes it’s growing stronger inside of me.
Cause no matter that you can not find a reason to do it,
You’ve GOT to find the will to play,
To be happy, Do I digress or what?

The Landlord

Offered: One beautiful planet
Self contained, all natural and organic
Seemingly inexhaustible supply of power and energy
Natural light and western exposures
Great sunset views and clean air
Fresh water supply on site
Abundant and lush low maintenance foliage
Complete organic methods of the caring and feeding of plant life
Exotic animal life in natural habitat with endless supply of foodstuffs

Warning: Previous tenants did not care for this property and they had to be expelled. What was once a balanced and self-regenerating environment has been turned into desolate wasteland. Pollution from factories that utilize manufacturing methods clearly not habitable for this space have depleted the natural resources of this space. Salt and fresh water supplies have been poisoned and the food sources in those waters are considered unsafe to eat. Genetic mutations have occurred when previous tenant thought they could make natural things — plants and animals — better when in reality they were only compensating for the change in the natural environment that they had instigated with their pollution and synthetic methods.

Previous tenant has been expelled from this space and a complete overhaul is under way to make this, once lush and verdant area, habitable and self contained. New tenant is expected to follow the natural order of things, to care and protect the environment, and to live off the land. The utilization of food products such as corn can no longer be used as a poison to the inhabitants of this property.

For inquiries into this space please contact:

Slice of Destiny

Lay back, hold your hand low
Make a tack to catch the wind again
You’re heart beats out of time
And your mind leaps, love is blind

Pushing too hard, not wise you’ll see
You got to ease in, I reason
To enable the trust, does slowly
(5/4) Come respect a priority must

From a bottle can come courage
Happiness to extremes
Confidence of a brave fool, with wit for a duel
Chase away the wet dreams
Putting on your blue jeans
Eat a can of baked beans
Find a way to your dreams

Override the urge to make the scene
Let’s say, “You take a look at me”
Don’t want to burn like kerosene
Don’t want to live like a fairy queen

Amazing you, it’s amazing me
Happenstance is a place to be
Happen to you, happen to me
Just a little slice of destiny

Aluminum Soldiers

Death by the dozen
Marching…. Little Aluminum Soldiers
Raise your elbow bend towards battle
Marching as to war

Plan of attack
Maybe a cocktail
Made by Molotov
Made by Smirnoff or by Popov
Initiated under a clear moonshine

Remember when we used to worry about Dolphins dying?
On plastic pieces that used to hold our soldiers at arms
And remember the pull tab pollution that used to cut our feet?
Who is to say industry doesn’t progress?

Little pawns of potency that are easy to disguise
In pockets of pants and cans of energy
A perfect serving size
On airplanes and buses and long taxi rides

Marching, marching, all in a line
Jump me and king me and turn me into wine
Red grapes so bitter as they lay on vines
So sweet as they ferment and become so refined

Marching…. Little Aluminum Soldiers
Bendable elbows
Incurable curls
Fashionable hangovers
Unbeatable hurls

A Dog’s Faith

Hello, I know you’re out there
People like me, basically good
But troubled by what they see

Does it really take courage?
To admit that you’re wrong
I think not, it’s really a cop out
So you can sleep nights

So I’m waiting to meet with you
As long as I breathe I’ll look for you
A dog’s faith is unreliable when
Compared to mine
People are good they’ve just lost their mind

It’s time, it’s mine
And all that I want is well defined
So I’ll find the time, the time as
I’m in my prime and I have seen the sign

A Dog’s Faith Unreliable to Mine