Ever Since that Day

And it hurts now
Knowing you’re near
Even though it’s what I’ve wanted
For all of these years

And I see you rise
Every day
I turn over and cover myself
And wish you would go away

Hurt me now hurt me now
Or leave me alone
Leave me stranded
I’ll find my way home

Given love now
I’ll make it to you
Throw out the life preserver
I need some help

Cause ever since that day
That you packed up everything
And went away
And I sailed out on my own
And I feel something’s missing
In me I’m not whole
I have no home

Love comes and love goes
We’ve tried so hard
But together we’ve grown old

A destiny – when I wake up next to you
Even though my heart bleeds
There’s no one else but you

Cause ever since that day
That I sailed myself
Right back to you
There never was a way
No time or place that’d ever give me away

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