Church.  One day a week to purify my soul

Is that all I need to better myself?

Why are the edicts of my religion

So contrary to living right?

A daily reflection and daily reminders

Are what I need, I believe, to honor my life

And of those around me and empathize

And look at things through others eyes

I do go to church.  Often three or more times a week

I have my own type of sermon that I like to hear

It’s the words that others speak from the heart

Not from the pulpit but from the humble carpet

From bar rooms to basements

Demeaning debasement to the arraignments

To sustainment, to court ordered pleas

From isolation to integration

Determined salvation, Inert enervation

Encountering life, enduring strife

Church.  One day a week to purify my soul?

No, not quite enough for me

Given the past and my tendency

To falter, to fight, to take others with me

Church. More time at times, spent in its hallowed halls

To ponder life and share the highs and lulls

To speak real and from the heart

A church basement offering a new start

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  1. This new site is pretty cool! I really like your poem. Many people just go to church out of habit or maybe its their culture… Of course, church has no significant impact on life that way. Living a practical humble life may teach more than any one will ever learn in church. But I must say that I do enjoy going to church every Sunday…to receive a word from God and just fellowship.!! Looking forward to your next post


    1. Thanks for the comment. I agree, some people don’t even know why they go to church or how to get the most out of it when they do go. I have found it hard to really be authentic and genuine when it church (my fault). It always seemed to me that others just wanted to put on their good side at church when in fact a lot of us are hurting and suffering at times.

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