A Pension full of Love

Background is running how does it check?
Is he stable can we trust him?
A long shot is coming got to bet on something
Is he pumping out what we expect?

Put your money on the table I’ll show you that I’m able
By the time the dealing is done
You will have a winner a converted sinner
Absolutely there’s a faith to be found

An unborn lady – no light in her soul
Affected by the life of her past
No crime for waiting – your time is your life
Time to put your feelings back on

Your soul is finally waking – a light is on
A new birth for your body and soul
Like the earth when it’s shaking – old and the new
All that you want is finally yours

We meet at last – we meet at last
We meet at last – we meet at last
There’s a time when we finally get
Reception, protection, affection, attention
A pension full of love for our life

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