Chonga and the Pasha

Chonga visits the pashaFor this trip he had to travel very farFor he had a request and hoped to have bequeathedFood and supplies for his humble village The pasha granted audienceAnd listened close to Chonga’s pleaFor over an hour Chonga was empoweredDescribing his tribes vital need Chonga knew of the richesThat the military government heldAnd […]

No Idea

I’ve no idea what I want to sayBut feel there is something needing to be saidLying in bed my head in a lock I’ve no idea what I’m feeling right nowBut there is something weighing on meOn bended knee to God I talk This feeling crept in while my guard was downThis feeling lept in […]

Finding Myself

I wasn’t expecting to write that letter todayIt just came out and I said what I had to sayI wasn’t expecting to write that letter todayIt just came out and I said what I had to say A broken dream or maybe a promise not keptOr an unfulfilled expectationA disappointing matter that we can’t discussI […]


I still feel like a child at timesWonder if my father felt this way when he was my ageThough I doubt it for he had much responsibilityA wife three kids a mortgage and a business A real grown up situation nothing like mineI seem very immature to my remaining siblingsThey have followed in family stepsI […]

Nails of a Lover

How do I love thee, she said?  Let me count with my fingers…. On one well manicured hand is maintained long luxurious nailsThat scratch your skin leaving passion trails that for days linger On the other hand my nails are trimmedCome hither I beckon and answer your whimsPleasuring a walnut sized spotSeeing you writhe and twist moaning […]

White Out

Fluffy white granularIn amounts that would make an addicts heart beatFast furious sniffing of noseDrip drip drip White powder swirlingInhale through the noseBack of your throat sneezed and siezed by a dust moteBurn down to your lungs But this white is differentBut through my eyes just the sameThe power it used to give meIs now […]


Chonga lives life everydayTechnology plays no partAs the sun rises it follows that the sunsetsWhen clouds gather black and moist he gets wet Without aid of compass or clockHe knows the way and the time to arriveMiles to town don’t seem strangeAs he gazes in the wonders of his home plain With his wives and […]