Autumn Sense

The crisp bite of air as it leaks through your clothesYour nose slightly red and drippyCool outside temps with muggy warmness inThese are the feelings of autumn Smoke fires burning apple wood and leavesWarm bread baking, cinnamon apple spice and hot cocoaRain, earth tilled soilThese are the smells of autumn Hot cocoa and warmed apple […]

Free from Boxes

I cannot fit into a boxNor a cage like a pet The person I am needs freedom And open space around No chains of commitmentCan persuade my trust Like a Barbie in a cageSwinging from her trapezeA diorama of our relationshipDisplayed inertly in situ A stripped uniformWith significant numberingShadows of vertical linesLining the stairs of […]

Self Worth

Did you know your self worth dictates your life?Tell me, have you ever heard the words of denialDon’t you think you deserve what you desire?Are you getting eager to live life in style Define all your needs and make them permanentAnd once you are sure, sure what you need and sure what to leave outAccept […]